Fake Ray Ban sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bags and Ralph Lauren polo shirts in accordance with a recent research were all among the most popular items offered for sale on Facebook.

Exposing more copyright and logos on internet may increase the scope for illegal copying and counterfeits, notwithstanding the announced advertising review programs undertaken by social networks.

Effective anti-counterfeiting action requires a defence strategy involving border protection measures and legal protection by ensuring that appropriate IP rights are in place, such as trade mark and design registrations.

Enforcement options in the UK may include warning letters, working with HMRC to detain infringing goods at the border and Trading Standards authorities and the Police to seizing the goods and/or bring criminal proceedings.

Civil proceedings (brought through the newly named Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and the specialist IP courts within the Chancery Division of the High Court) have the potential to cause maximum disruption to a counterfeiter’s activities and are also well suited to tackling urgent matters through interim relief available.