The new fee policy, proposed to become legislation in April 2015, will mean that a sole trader or small business intending to sue for £200,000 would have to pay an upfront court fee of £10,000.

The Law Society is bringing judicial review proceedings against the Government over its proposed rise in fees - of up to 600% - for claimants using the civil, family and commercial courts, which it claims are “tantamount to selling justice”.

In its application for judicial review, the Law Society claims the Government is “proceeding without evidence to justify the increases” and “failed to allow representations on enhanced fees in combination with amendments to the remissions scheme”.

The Law Society has also criticised the proposed fee increases as flouting “the principles of the Magna Carta” and because they "provide an incentive for large companies to deny liability, knowing that the injured parties would not be in a position to fund expensive court fees”.