Finally the new and long expected watch has arrived. You can now check the time, check in a hotel, keep health-track, message, pay, send and receive a picture, tweet, post and book an airline ticket via an Apple Watch. Timekeeping has become a new concept and it is extremely interesting to note that it is not substantially different from the concept of timekeeping expressed in and around the year 400 A.C.:

It is in you, O mind of mine, that I measure the periods of time. Do not shout me down that it exists [objectively]; do not overwhelm yourself with the turbulent flood of your impressions. In you, as I have said, I measure the periods of time. I measure as time present the impression that things make on you as they pass by and what remains after they have passed by -- I do not measure the things themselves which have passed by and left their impression on you. This is what I measure when I measure periods of time. Either, then, these are the periods of time or else I do not measure time at all. [St. Augustine Confessions - Book Eleven - 36]