Facebook has reviewed its acceptable use policy. Acceptable Use Policies contain rules and standards that visitors/users of a website must comply with when they are using its features. A website operator normally wishes to be free to remove any offending statement or material from the website as soon as it becomes aware of its existence. However, by doing this, the website operator may in turn be in breach of its contractual duties to the website user.

A user’s acceptance of an Acceptable Use Policy assists an operator as it requires that, when using any interactive features (and particularly when uploading material to the website), the user must fulfil certain content standards. Material which is in breach of those standards can be removed from the website without the website operator incurring any contractual liability to the user in question.

An adequate Acceptable Use Policy will make it easier for the website operator to rely on the defences set out in section 1 of the Defamation Act and regulation 19 of the E-commerce Regulations in case of defamatory or infringing material posted by the user on the website.