This is the latest legal dispute over whether freelance courier riders in the "gig economy" should be categorised as workers. 

An employment tribunal is currently hearing a legal claim brought by a freelance courier rider at delivery company CitySprint to determine whether she is a worker or an independent contractor. Worker status classification is basically a middle ground between being employed and self-employed. If she successfully argues her worker status then this will entitle her to all rights that come with being a worker including holiday pay, sick pay and the national minimum wage. Naturally this will have a knock on effect in respect of all CitySprint's other freelancer classified couriers. 

Uber drivers successfully brought a claim last month to classify themselves as workers and this may have a bearing on this case. Three cases are also in the pipeline against other courier firms (Addison Lee, eCourier and Excel) and these are due to be heard by the same judge next year.

It is important to consider that the facts of each case are different but should a trend develop in judicial decision making on this issue, then it may have a profound effect on the freelancer-focused business model in the so-called "gig economy".