The disruptive economy can play havoc with the plans of established  businesses. Witness what happen to Kodak. In the USA the trucking business employs 3.5 million truck drivers. What will occur to the truck drivers when driverless trucks takes to the roads? Airbnb is a website for owners of property to rent out their properties. Hotels pay VAT and business rates which accounts for 17% of the price of a London hotel room. Airbnb property owners pay neither VAT or property taxes. The Airbnb business has mushroomed. It has driven rents higher in the long term property rental market. Airbnb has  introduced a limit of 90 days a year for property rentals  on its website to limit the availability of rental property. Does this mean the steady contraction of the hotel market? Not in the short term but it is a competitive force which may eat away at the edges.